Strive for the Dream--Weihua New Material 2020 New Year Party

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On January 16, 2020, with the theme of "Strive of Dream", the 2020 NewYear party of Weihua New Material was held at the Lancing Theatre, gathering allhearts of the company.

In order to extendhis heartfelt gratitude and sincere wishes to the employees, General ManagerPan Qiangbiao greatly appreciated the hard work and perseverance of theemployees and the management, in recognition of their effort for the pursuit ofa good performance of this year.

Board Chairman Wu Jiangwei reviewed the accomplishment of 2019's work objective. Under the joint effort made by various departments, phase I projects have been gradually put into operation and started to generate revenue. While speaking of his expectations and requirements on the targets for 2020, he extended the New Year greetings to all the employees and their families.

Thegala started with the awarding ceremony of 2019's "Best Idea",outstanding employees, outstanding executives, and advanced collectives, so asto praise the best employees, set examples and say thank to their high-qualitywork and contribution.

Dances,songs, crosstalk, Yue opera, martial arts... Kaleidoscopic programs werepresented at the evening's party. While audience enjoyed this eventful moment,it also embodied the spirit of "Striving for Dream" of the companyand among the employees. Joy and harmony were never absent from the stage andthe whole event was concluded with the best anticipations to the future.

2019 left us with a colorful memory, and we saluted 2020 with a wilder dream. We believe with thededication and confidence, the Weihua family shall hold stronger with eachother, strive for the dream and we are bound to win. It is our firm belief thatthe company will have a brighter future through the joint effort made by each andevery member of the family.

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