Liu Wei, Member of Party Committee and Vice Minister of Ministry of Emergency Management, Visited Weihua New Material with His Team

RELEASE TIME : 2020-06-05Browse Number :

On June 4, Liu Wei, Member of Party Committee andVice Minister of Ministry of Emergency Management, went to Shaoxing Shangyu toinvestigate the construction of the county’s chemical park and hazardouschemical enterprises’ safe production work.

The investigation and research group came to Zhejiang Weihua New MaterialCo., Ltd. Wu Jiangwei, Chairman of Board, and Pan Qiangbiao, General Manager,made a detailed introduction to the said group about the world’s first singleset of 10,000 metric tons Corning G5 microchannel reactor and tubularcontinuous flow production equipment that have been put into operation. ViceMinister Liu Wei said afterwards that, microchannel technology improves theintrinsic safety of the system, greatly reduces the safety risk of the system,and therefore the process suitable for microchannel technology should bevigorously promoted.

Sun Guangyu, Director of the Hazardous Chemicals Supervision Department ofthe Ministry of Emergency Management, Ling Zhifeng, Secretary of the PartyCommittee and Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Emergency ManagementDepartment, Wu Geng'an, First Class Inspector, Xu Guolong, Standing CommitteeMember and Executive Vice Mayor of Shaoxing, Xu Jun, Secretary of the ShangyuDistrict Party Committee, Huang Lifeng, Party Secretary and Director of theShaoxing Emergency Management Bureau, and other leaders accompanied research.

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